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Hi valued customers,

Thank you for stopping by Melli's Kids! It's been nearly a decade
since I began studying for a career as an Early Childhood teacher in Australia. I love children and am so passionate about my job that I always try as hard as I can to give my children/students the best experience possible when they are with me.

Through supporting hundreds of children in Early Childhood settings, I have become a strong believer in play-based learning approaches. I believe that
play is essential for children's learning and development. Children are curious and playing allows them to create, imagine, explore, and discover the world around them. They learn through play. They find joy through play. However, while working as an Early Childhood teacher, parents and caregivers often ask meWhat activities can I do at home to help my kids to learn this or that skill, or what kinds of toys should I buy for my kids at this age to help them learn?”. And I have realised that most parents care so much about their kids' development but some of them just don't know how to choose the right toys or tools for their kids. That’s how Melli's Kids was born. We want to solve your problems by helping you find the best toys for your kids.

If you are wondering how and where you can find high-quality, eco-friendly, sustainable, meaningful, age-appropriate toys for your kids at affordable prices, at Mellis' Kids, we can help you find the answer.

At Melli's Kids, we value children's play and we thrive on providing
your children with the best quality, eco-friendly toys and learning materials at affordable prices. We also try our best to deliver the best customer service possible… because you deserve it!

Please have a chat with us if you have any questions or concerns. We
are always happy to help and share our knowledge. Melli's Kids would also love to hear your constructive feedback for improvement.

Thank you,

Melli's Kids Team

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