Ideas for Play: Top Wooden Toys for Two Years Old

Playing plays an important part in the development of children. It is a wonderful way for parents and children to bond and gives the child a sense of security and affection. To make play more interesting and beneficial, good toys are a must. 

Toys made of wood are elegant and timeless, which is perfect for passing down from sibling to sibling or even generation to generation. With our expanding selection of wooden wonders, we've put together a buying guide. Prepare to learn which wooden toys, and why, will benefit each stage of your children's growth. In this blog, we will round up the best wooden baby toys as top ideas for play for two-year-old kids. 

At this age, your toddler is talking, walking, climbing, jumping, running, and full of energy. According to research from UNICEF, your child’s brain starts to sort shapes and colors, develop a dominant hand, build towers with blocks and so on. Let’s find out how toys would help this development below.

Ideas for play with Construction & Building Blocks Toys

Two-year-old children that play with construction toys and building blocks tend to gain a lot. How? When tackling issues, it enables them to think creatively. Colors, shapes, and sizes all contribute to a well-rounded educational experience. After being acquainted with colors, kids can start to learn more about objects, means of transportation with all toys below. 

1. Wooden Love Castle Building Blocks

This Rainbow Love Castle Building Block set is one of the greatest options if you're seeking high-quality, open-ended play toys that can keep your kids happy and occupied with their imaginations and creativity for hours. Why is this a good idea for play? Because when doing block play, kids have to use their motor skills to manipulate the block pieces into a form or to arrange them so that they stay together. As a result, their hand-eye coordination is enhanced. In addition to strengthening their fingers and hands overall, younger children can learn gripping by simply grabbing these beautiful Love Castle Building Blocks from Melli’s Kids.

Idea for play with Wooden Love Castle Building Blocks

 Wooden Love Castle Building Blocks

2. Wooden Construction Set

With this Melli's Kids construction vehicle set, let's get to work. With the help of pretend play, these vehicle toys are intended to unleash young children's imaginations. This set has 14PCS of various construction vehicle kinds, letting kids to investigate their features and moveable parts while learning about the functions of construction vehicles and their applications in society.

Ideas for play with Puzzles

Puzzles strengthen your child's fine and gross motor abilities while also fostering cognitive growth. Your kid will exercise motor planning (thinking about how to use their body to accomplish a goal), problem-solving, and spatial awareness as they move the piece into place by holding the knob firmly and with control. The variety of difficulties is what makes puzzles so advantageous and enjoyable for kids.

1. Wooden Leaf Puzzle

This is the easiest and the most suitable wooden puzzle to get started with. With each component isolating a single shape and including a little knob for easier handling, the straightforward design of these leaf puzzles makes them perfect for young children. The puzzles promote concentration and assist a young child in concentrating on the work at hand because they are free of distractions like eye-catching pictures.

Idea for play with Wooden Leaf Puzzles

Wooden Leaf Puzzle

2. Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

When kids have mastered the above easy wooden puzzle, let’s make it more challenging with this jigsaw one. Not only helps the memory improve, but doing complicated puzzles can be considered a complete brain exercise since it exercises both the right and left sides, all of which are important for a two-year-old kid.

Idea for play with Jigsaw Puzzle

Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

Ideas for play with Pretend Play

The benefits of pretend play are undeniable. Playing imaginatively encourages creativity while enhancing social, emotional, and linguistic abilities, all of which are essential for two-year-old kids as they start to speak their languages, desire to express their feelings at this age. At Melli’s Kids, we have plenty of toys that help your kids get involved in pretend play.

Mini Kitchen Play Set

This Kitchen Play Set is such a great idea for play as it can help children develop a lot:

  • Stimulate imagination and innovation
  • Encourage social and emotional growth
  • Develop thinking, learning, and problem-solving skills
Idea for play with Mini Kitchen Play Set

Mini Kitchen Play Set

What to consider when buying wooden toys?

1. Type of Wood

The type of wood used to make a toy can affect a toy's price, quality, appearance, and a lot of other factors. Due to the nature of wood, you will have to spend more to acquire a good-quality wooden toy. You may find a variety of woods for toys, including: Oak, Cedar, Walnut and Pine. 

2. Durability and Quality

Toys made of wood are designed to endure a lifetime, but only if the quality is known beforehand. Make sure the wooden toys you choose are of high caliber and have enduring durability.

Simply reading reviews or customer feedback for any toys you decide to purchase will reveal this. These customers can provide you with useful information about the toy and how your child will use it once it is delivered.

Let’s look through some feedback from our beloved customers!

Customer feedback - Shakers

Customer feedback - Shakers

Customer feedback - Rainbow stackers
Customer feedback - Rainbow stackers

3. Price

While eco-friendly wooden toys are more advantageous and safer for your youngster than plastic toys, the latter may be more affordable. You must consider every alternative if you wish to stay inside your budget.

Before making a decision, examine the benefits and drawbacks of each product and brand. At Melli’s Kids, we have different types of wooden toys that can satisfy your demand. Especially to mention, our products are at competitive prices, with only from $15, your kids can have both fun and development with an education toy from our store. 

Top Safety

At Melli’s Kids, we carry a fantastic selection of toddler-friendly toys and educational materials. Before making a purchase, always check the product's recommended age range. Children under the age of three should only utilize smaller components under the direct supervision of an adult since they pose a choking threat. On our website, you can find the recommended age range for each product in the description.

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