Top gift ideas for children's day that ensure happiness

Hey parents, are you at a loss for gift ideas for children’s day, which is coming soon this week? Every year, children all expect this wonderful event because they will receive goodie bags loaded with entertaining toys and surprises! However, choosing a suitable gift can be challenging due to the majority of toys in the market nowadays. 

We've compiled a list of Children's Day gift ideas in this blog, all of which are entertaining, educational and eco-friendly as well. Does it sound interesting? If you want to commemorate this wonderful occasion with your young monkeys, don't forget to check it out right below!


Every year, Australia commemorates Universal Children's Day on the fourth Wednesday of October. The holiday is part of Children's Week, which is celebrated from October 22nd to October 30th this year. This is an annual celebration of a child's rights, abilities, and citizenship across Australia. Each year, the topic of Children's Week honors a different Children's Right.


To help you come to a decision easier, this list of gift ideas is suggested based on the age of your children. 

Children's Day Gift ideas for Baby (0-12 months)

1. Rattles
Wooden Rattles - Gift idea for Children’s Day

Wooden Rattles - Gift idea for Children’s Day

The best thing about a rattle is that it is not just a source of entertainment with different colors but also an educational tool.

Rattles improve the baby's fine motor skills by fostering different types of grasping abilities. They capture and maintain the baby's attention, enhancing cognitive development. Babies notice the rattle sounds as they move their hands and begin to learn the concept of cause and effect.

2.  Object Permanence Box

Wooden Object Permanence Box

Wooden Object Permanence Box

Gifting a wooden object permanence box to your baby is an excellent idea. The concept of object permanence refers to a child's capacity to understand that things still exist even when they are no longer visible or audible. You can easily create your own box with some simple material and a tutorial video. In case you do not have enough time, this item is now available on Melli’s Kids website. Do not hesitate to check it out!

Children's Day Gift ideas for Toddler (1-3 years)
  1. Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw Puzzles

A puzzle will be the ideal Children's Day present because kids love to challenge their brains and come up with plans. Puzzles help children develop problem-solving and critical thinking abilities, two traits that are essential for later success in other areas of the curriculum. Children's memory, pattern recognition, and gross and fine motor skills can all be improved with puzzles.

2. Activity Play Set

Mini Kitchen Play Set

Mini Kitchen Play Set

An activity kit's biggest feature is that your children can start playing with it as soon as they receive it. Depending on their interests, there are a variety of options available, ranging from arts and crafts supplies to memory and spelling games. You can create one on your own as well. On Children's Day, nothing beats a handcrafted present! 

A mini kitchen play set is a suggestion of gift ideas for Children’s Day.

Children's Day Gift ideas for Preschooler (3-5 years)

1. Musical Toys

Golden Chime Bar - Musical set as a gift idea

Golden Chime Bar - Musical set as a gift idea

If your children’s hobby is music, it is clear that a musical set will make them excited. As the toy industry has developed, there are various types of musical instrument toys for kids of all ages. Playing with musical toys helps to teach patience and persistence. It boosts children's imagination, supports their language skills, and more.


2. Balance Stones

Wooden Balance Stones

Wooden Balance Stones

The last suggestion in this blog is Wooden Balance Stones, suitable for Preschoolers. What makes them ideal gift ideas for Children’s Day? Besides its eye-catching visual, children can benefit a lot from playing with balance stones. Hand-eye coordination, fine motor abilities, observation, reasoning, and creativity are all enhanced with this. 


Children's Day is a special day for children, but it's vital to keep in mind that you should treat your child as though every day is a wonderful occasion. Every now and then, give them small gifts like these. You don't need a certain day to honor your love for your kids, after all!

Melli’s Kids Team hopes this post with aforementioned gift ideas for Children’s Day will help you with suitable decisions. We always try to stay up-to-date by keeping kinds of modern toys in stock, which are used for different targets, celebrations and more. Make a purchase now for a special occasion discount!

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