Top 7 open-ended toys for creative kids

Open-ended toys seem to be in vogue right now. What benefits may open-ended provide for toddlers and preschoolers? Which type of open-ended toys is best suited for my kids? There are so many questions yet only a few could  answer. 

The article below is a list of the best open-ended toys for creative kids 

Discover the Top 7 Open-Ended Toys to Promote Creativity in Kids

1. What do open-ended toys do for my children?

As the name suggests, open-ended toys provide multiple play styles. These toys don't have fixed purposes or play roles, therefore kids can constantly be triggered to discover.

After playing with a toy and finishing it, soon your kids will get bored as there’s nothing much left to do with.  Unlikely, open-ended toys aim to appeal to children with various ways to play and increase their interest and creativity.

A child's mind is meant to engage in four primary activities: learning, discovering, exploring, and creating. Open-ended toys can cover all those four criteria and provide a no-pressure environment for learning and exploring.

They can be used differently, encouraging children to use their imagination and create their ways of playing. This is beneficial when they go to school, as it helps build a basis of creativity in advance.

Stacking toys

Open-ended toys  - Toys kids will love to explore!

2. Do open-ended toys have to be wooden?

Open-ended toys are traditionally made of wood. Although there are many other materials for toys, wooden toys are always highly recommended due to their safety and kid-friendly traits. Moreover, wooden toys are often easy to maintain and less likely to be damaged.

Some common wooden open-ended toys like blocks, vehicle toys, stacking toys…  don’t require batteries to operate. Compared to high-tech toys, this is a plus by keeping your children away from toxic substances from the batteries. With wooden blocks and vehicle toys, kids can replicate objects they usually see like houses, schools, playgrounds or build whatever they like. The game has almost no limited way to play.  

3. Top open-ended toys in Melli’s Kids

Open-ended toys now come in many shapes and sizes for various purposes. For example, toys like stacking and building blocks introduce kids to how things are built in different orders and models with the same materials. If you are looking for open-ended toys which can keep your kids busy and develop their imagination and creativity for hours, the list below is the recommended choices for you. 

3.1. Building block - cubic shape:

These cube blocks are designed for children to use their imagination and build whatever they want! With flat sides kids can build them vertically or flat on the table - it's up to them!

3.2. Building block - cylinder shape:

These wooden cylinder shapes are crafted from high-quality, prestigious sources of wood. They're smooth to the touch and safe for handling. This is one of the most popular open-ended toys in Aussie. 

3.3. Building block - various shapes:

Building blocks are a great way for kids to explore complex shapes and structures while practising precision. This activity is not just reserved for young children; parents can join in and help kids explore more on how to stack and balance things, providing more enjoyable time between parents and their kids.

Stacking toys

Building block - Get your kid's imagination fired up in no time.

3.4. Rainbow stacker & Balance stone:

Melli's Kids Montessori-style stacking toys are perfect for helping parents and teachers to find play ideas for toddlers and kids. With these loose parts, kids can imagine rainbows, flowers, towers, bridges, and marble runs - endless possibilities!

Open-ended toys

Stacking toys - Melli's Kids Montessori Wooden Rainbow Stacker

3.5. Crazy stone:

The Crazy Stacking Stone set with various shapes and colour stones (made of wood) is the perfect way for children to learn early skills like colour recognition, imagination and creativity,... while having endless fun. The set comes with illustration cards to help kids build different models - or they could just make their own model!

Open-ended toys

36PCS Crazy Stacking Stone - Melli’s Kids

3.6. Cross buckle:

This is a great toy for kids to develop their fine motor skills as it is easier to build and keep the balance of the toy. Kids playing with this toy can be more creative by placing buckles with the same colour to build certain patterns, or just mixing one with others to establish a more brilliant pattern.

Open-ended toys

Creative Wooden Building Blocks | Melli’s Kids

3.7.  Finger dolls:

If you want to find a toy that can encourage your kids to learn colour recognition, counting, sorting, pretend play, grab practising, and anything else your child can think of. These Finger Dolls can also be a great addition to your kid’s open-ended toy collection. This toy can be more creative by placing buckles with the same colour to build certain patterns, or just mixing one with others: wooden rainbow stacker, buckle building blocks, etc to establish a more brilliant pattern.

Open-ended toys

Multicolour Finger Dolls -  Melli’s Kids


In conclusion, open-ended toys are gaining immense popularity due to their versatility and ability to foster creativity in children. Unlike traditional toys with fixed play roles, open-ended toys offer various ways of play, stimulating children's imagination, discovery, learning, and creativity. They provide a foundation for crucial skills beneficial for school and life. While traditionally made of wood, due to its safe and durable properties, open-ended toys are now available in diverse shapes and sizes, catering to various developmental needs. From building blocks of different shapes to the innovative rainbow stacker and finger dolls, these toys not only keep children engaged but also serve as a bridge to quality time between parents and kids. For those keen on introducing their children to the world of imaginative play, open-ended toys are an excellent investment.

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