Montessori Rainbow Stacker Toy: The Best for Your Kids

One of the most beloved toys ever in Montessori and non-Montessori homes is the Montessori Rainbow Stacker. It looks like a piece of art from the outside, but are they truly worth the price? Let's find out all about rainbow stacking toys in this blog!

Educational benefits of rainbow stacking toys

Educational benefits of rainbow stacking toys

Stacking toys help improve your baby's fine and gross motor abilities as well as their eye-hand coordination. Additionally, Montessori Rainbow Stacker assist infants in learning about shapes and spatial relationships (such as beneath and on). Overall, they're a fantastic teaching resource and we can highlight a few of the primary advantages that these toys have for kids right below.

1. Hand-eye coordination

When using Montessori Rainbow Stacker the pieces on top of one another, your child is building a connection between their arms, hands, and fingers and their ability to set the piece down.

2. Problem solving skill

This activity is versatile in that it teaches your child about the size of pieces that can be stacked on top of one another, how safer it is to put smaller pieces on larger ones, and how to make sure their creation can expand.

3. Color identification

There are many different colors of these toys. You can give your child stacking toys made of wood in various colors, which help him get to know more colors. Your youngster will pick things up fast because these are beautiful and eye-catching toys.

4. Gross motor skill development

Imagine you are building up your creation and the pieces of Montessori Rainbow Stacker are scattered around, getting your child to reach, walk, or crawl to the piece they need next can help with gross motor development.

5. Fine motor skill development

Montessori Rainbow Stacker toys provide several opportunities to improve this ability because twisting small pieces in your fingers and gently setting them in position demands certain motor abilities.

6. Cause and effect understanding

Understanding cause and effect is essential for improving experimenting skills. What would happen if I do this? " and similar queries should be able to be answered by your youngster when playing with stacking toys.

Rainbow stacker - The best stacking toy

1. What is a Montessori Rainbow Stacker ?

What is a rainbow stacker?

A Montessori Rainbow Stacker is a standing wooden rainbow built of at least six wooden arches stacked on top of one another in order of decreasing size. The ones that come in rainbow colors, from red to purple, are the most popular, and they are also set in natural wood, pastel colors, and other types.

These open-ended toys are common in Montessori playrooms and always “on top” of hot products at Melli’s Kids store. There is no restriction on the number of ways you can stack them right out of the box. Additionally, rainbow stackers go well with other toys and furniture. Every time is a different experience.

A lot of fantastic ideas lie ahead!

2. Play ideas with rainbow stacker

Discover and start with simple stacking (For babies)

Rainbow stacker play idea for babies

This Montessori wooden stacker toy is ideal for infants to explore just by holding the bows in their hands, feeling them, dropping something, then picking it back up again. Of course, part of finding this rainbow stacker out also includes collaborating with parents to build up easy structures just by putting one above another.

Simple stacking for babies

2D Stacking (For toddlers)

Rainbow stacker play idea for toddlers

Making an animal, character or object is also a good play idea with rainbow stackers. With stacking toys, the 2D creations you and your child construct are entirely up to you. You should set your sights on whatever takes your interest.

Which animal is your child's favorite? African elephant "Deep-sea octopus" or "Farmhouse rooster"? Try making it!

2D stacking with rainbow stackers

3D Stacking (For preschoolers)

Rainbow stacker play idea for preschoolers

For preschoolers, you can make construction more challenging with 3D stacking.

Practice literacy (For older kids, adults)

Rainbow stacker play idea for older kids, adults

A structure's completion is a noteworthy accomplishment! It's also a great chance to hear what your kids have to say about it. Encourage your child to express their ideas verbally or in writing.

  • Create a poem or a little story about your artistic achievement.
  • Play a spelling game with each of the building's colors.
  • Indicate the order of the colors alphabetically, from least to most favorite, or from bottom to top
  • Connect the colors to other worldly objects. "As yellow as a banana" or "As blue as a bluejay"

Rainbow stacker challenge for adults

Rainbow stacker challenge for adults

Make stacking more challenging with complicated structure

Make stacking more challenging with complicated structure

Wrapping Up

It’s the greatest choice to purchase wooden rainbow stacking toys for your children. Montessori Rainbow Stacker has a number of advantages. They help your child communicate and adapt better. Additionally, Montessori Rainbow Stacker give your child the confidence to accept failure. Your child is doing fantastic as long as he is ready to try stacking the pieces once more after failing.

Why then the delay? Get these vibrant, alluring, and top-quality wooden stacking toys from Melli’s Kids right away. We are pleased to offer you super deals of the Christmas season, with only from $79, you will get your kids these beautiful rainbow stackers. Check it out!

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