How musical toys support children's development: Musical toys benefits

Everyone probably knows that exposing your kids to music is a good idea. But do you know that music benefits your child's development on many levels when you let them play with musical toys like drums, maracas, flutes, or xylophones.

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Brain development: Research shows that music can enhance brain function in children when they play an instrument. Playing musical instruments helps stimulate the brain and speed up brain development.

Language development: children who participate in musical play usually develop better speech skills and learn to read more easily, as they learn from rhythm and rhyme. 

- Literacy and numeracy: singing songs and playing with musical instruments help improve children’s literacy and numeracy. Children learn and expand vocabulary when listening to music and they learn basic fractions and patterns through listening to and creating musical beats.

 -Fine and gross motor skills: feeling the beats, dancing, and finger playing with musical instruments help develop fine and gross motor skills, hand eye coordination and wellbeing. 

musical toys benefits

-Social and emotional skills: musical play is fun. Playing music with other people is even better, as it helps improve children’s social and emotional skills. They can positively connect with others through music. 

And so much more!

Musical play gives children a way to express themselves freely and positively. Let your child get inspired and uplifted through our wide selection of musical instruments

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