How Melli's Kids Was Born?

Greetings to all of Melli’s Kids followers!

Today, I thought it would be timely to officially introduce to our dear followers the person “behind the scenes” and the inspiration behind Melli’s Kids. 

I’m Linh. I’m originally from Vietnam and I’ve been living with my small family in Australia for nearly a decade. I'm the mother of a 2-year-old boy, a wife, an Early Childhood teacher, and the founder of Melli’s Kids. Some of you may be able to guess how I started this business, yeah? - And yes, it’s because of children and it is always about children. 

As an Early Childhood teacher, I follow “child-centered” approaches, in which I always put my students at the centre of the learning process. (If you are interested in this approach and want to know more details, you can visit my blog post at Also, I have become a strong believer in play-based learning approaches through supporting hundreds of children. 

When working in Early Childhood settings, I work not only with children, but also with their parents and caregivers. I understand their concerns, as they often ask me “What activities can I do at home with my kid?”, “Is this toy good for my kid at this age?”. That’s why I have always wanted to build a place where I can share my experience in relation to children’s learning and development. This is something that I am confident about and I feel am good at, especially, after giving birth to my wonderful boy, who has taught me so many valuable things about childhood. I could say the last 2 years were my best hands-on experiences. And, after 2 years of preparation, my “brain(and heart)child”, Melli’s Kids was born. “Melli” as in “Mellifluous”.  

I promise you that when you visit Melli’s Kids, you will not only find good quality toys that are suitable for your kids, but also useful, educational information to help you to be a great companion to your children from the early years onwards. That’s Melli’s Kids’ missions and values! 

Thank you for sparing your valuable time with me.

Be Present,

Linh & The Melli’s Kids Team

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