Creating environmental impact with eco-friendly toys

According to a study, 90% of children’s toys are made of plastic, which isn't exactly eco-friendly. The issue begins with plastic, which is unsuitable for recycling as we are all aware. Toy manufacturers, however, are increasingly setting the trend by using recyclable materials to create toys. For instance, some well-known companies, like Mattel, have already committed to sustainability, while others, like Lego, promise to make their packaging recyclable by 2025. As a matter of fact, the revolution of eco friendly toys has begun.

Just in case you have not got any ideas about eco friendly toys, this blog can be a small help!


 how do plastic toys harm the environment?

To begin with, toxic elements like lead, cadmium, and other poisons are frequently found in plastic toys. These endanger your children while they play. 

What is more, the production of toys and the batteries they utilize requires too much energy, which results in the emission of greenhouse gases. 

The bad news is that this is not the end. When the batteries are used up, they are disposed of in landfills, releasing dangerous chemicals into the soil that is used to grow our food. The chemicals consequently enter our bodies. Crude oil is typically used to make the plastic in plastic toys, which has detrimental effects on both the environment and people. Also, non-recyclable materials are used in the packaging design.


 wooden toys - an example of eco friendly toys

These toys typically don't emit greenhouse gases during production because they are constructed of natural, renewable materials like wood. Selecting a toy made of wood or cotton, can help you lower your carbon footprint. Many eco friendly toys, unlike plastic toys, may be recycled or are composed of recycled materials. You can typically find information on a toy's sustainability on its box, and if it's made of wood (organic wooden toy), search for the "FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)" mark.

A recent research has shown that 63% of people would like to work for companies that care about the environment, which can be a pressure on the toy businesses. List of environmentally friendly materials includes:

  • Food grade silicone
  • Wood
  • Bamboo
  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Rice-made toys


Because there are so many various types, colors, and forms available, choosing a suitable toy for your kids can be a challenging decision. The list below can give a hand to come up with the best choice in eco friendly toys.


Remember to focus on the quality first! If the toys are good, you will not need to constantly visit the store for replacements. As a result, you'll produce less waste and eventually spend less money, of course. 

Furthermore, high-quality toys will endure for many generations, allowing you to retain them for your grandchildren as well.


Let’s say you want to purchase some wooden toys. Then you should always choose the FSC-certified, or Forest Stewardship Council-certified one. As the organization's main goal is to encourage wise forest management, toys bearing their logo indicate that the manufacturer has employed sustainability practices throughout the entire production process.


Even when the toys are eco friendly certified, the packaging may not be. So, while making a purchase, seek out businesses who package their goods in an environmentally friendly manner. Toy packaging should always be scrutinized because it frequently exceeds the toy's size by two times.

Make informed decisions and choose toys that are safer for our children and more environmentally friendly as you prepare to buy your newest toys. This will make it easier to replace the numerous plastic products on the market with ones made of sustainable materials like bamboo and cotton.


Besides purchasing brand-new eco friendly toys, there are many other solutions to keep children entertained and the environment green as well.

Buy second-hand toys

Look through websites like Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree to find toys. You can even organize a toy exchange event for other parents and children. The carbon footprint of a toy decreases as it is used for a longer period of time, making it more sustainable than those that are discarded after being outgrown. To make the items your kids already own more environmentally friendly for the future, think about donating your old toys.

Make your own

You don’t have to be an expert to create your own toys. Sometimes all you need is an empty toilet paper roll, some paint, and some googly eyes. Because kids have such vivid imaginations, even the most simple items may inspire endless creativity. Try looking for ideas online; perhaps you can create a doll from some old socks or a home from cardboard? Making something with your child can be entertaining for them.

Make use of the outdoors

The majority of outdoor toys are made of plastic, you can find many natural materials to make outdoor games and playthings. For example, to make a more conventional swing, you can use a secure piece of sanded wood together with a sturdy rope or twine. Making dens and teepees out of sheets you already own, twigs, branches, and wood is another option.

If you are looking for more ideas or eco friendly toys to make your children entertained, why not browse our Toy collection? At Melli's Kids, we value children's play and we thrive on providing your children with the best quality, eco-friendly toys and learning materials at affordable prices. 

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