Block & Construction Toys: The Best Children's Day Gift

Children's Day is coming! It is the ideal time to think of some gift ideas to present to your children. We all love our kids and want to express huge love for them. Children’s Day is definitely the perfect occasion to make it!

This blog provides you with the best Children's Day Gift Ideas: Block and Construction Toys, containing some specific items such as building sets and block games. Purchasing a gift for your children is even easier as all of which are available at Melli’s Kids, on sale up to 40% to celebrate Children’s Day! 


"Children are our most valuable resource." - Herbert Hoover.

The most valuable members of society are children. We should embrace them with love and nurture them with morals. Do not forget to spend some time on Children's Day to engage in activities your children like. It's okay to pretend to be a kid with a kid for a day!

Here are some activities you can do to make the day memorable for them.

Go Camping

 Going Camping on Children’s Day

 Going Camping on Children’s Day

The aim of Children's Day is having fun with your children. Create some special moments with them by taking a camping trip to one of your favourite family locations and spending the night there. Bringing some snacks and marshmallows should be a “must”!

Celebrate a Party

Celebrate a Party for your kids


Celebrate a Party for your kids

Party is a good chance for your children's friends and family to get to know each other better. There are many types of party you can consider celebrating such as: Paint Party with empty canvases and finger paints; Pizza Party with home baked pizza,,,,

Visit Retirement Homes
Visit grandparents on Children’s Day

Visit grandparents on Children’s Day

Almost all grandparents or old-aged people love children. If your children don't have grandparents, you can go to retirement homes on Children's Day. Older people adore children; they will feel cherished and welcomed, and on the other hand, your children will develop greater empathy for the elderly. If your children have grandparents, you can just go see them and have a good time.


On this Children's Day, show your kids how unique they are by sharing love and joy. We've provided a list of enjoyable and practical presents for children. These one-of-a-kind presents are now available on our website, especially to mention, all of them are on sale!

Wooden Love Castle Building Blocks


Love Castle Building Block - Children’s Day gift ideas

Love Castle Building Block - Children’s Day gift ideas

This Love Castle Building Block set is one of the best gift ideas for Children’s Day if you are seeking a high-quality, sustainable toy which can make your kids happy, develop their imagination and creativity at the same time.

Wooden Large Stepped Block Set


Stepped Block Set - Children’s Day gift ideas
Stepped Block Set - Children’s Day gift ideas

Montessori toys are now on top trending in the toy industry. As a matter of fact, this kind of building block set is absolutely a must in your kid’s playroom. Put it in the list of Children’s Day gift ideas now! The world of possibilities is open to your child's curiosity, imagination, and creativity. Buildings, patterns, ball runs, towers, bridges, shapes, etc. are few examples. With the help of this building block set, your children may translate any concepts from their imaginations into actual objects.

Wooden Building Blocks
Wooden Building Block - Children’s Day gift ideas
Wooden Building Block - Children’s Day gift ideas

Melli's Kids offers this package of 100 natural, undyed Beechwood building blocks. All materials are child-safe and have been sourced ethically. They are expertly crafted from high-quality wood, with incredibly smooth surfaces throughout that are free of splinters and rough edges. As the color is neutral, it is a suitable gift for both boys and girls.


Look no farther than this fantastic selection of DIY gift ideas for kids if your budget is tight but you still want to give your children something truly special on this occasion. Giving handmade gifts to your children is one of the most enjoyable things you can do. 

Paper Super Hero Figures
diy children's day gift ideas
diy children's day gift ideas

These simple suggestions for paper folding are really fantastic. You may quickly create your own tiny Iron Man to give to an action figure fan. Even better, consider making these as a fun family activity!

Source: Etsy

Fashion Pouch
diy children's day gift ideas 2

There is no doubt that every little girl wants to own a beautiful purse. This is why a small handbag is an interesting gift idea if you have a girl. 

Source: RedTedArt


One of the nicest days of the year for youngsters is Children's Day. Make sure the events you have planned for Children's Day are both distinctive and safe. About the gift ideas, there are now so many different options on the site, purchasing Children's Day presents online is quite simple on Melli’s Kids. Orders can be placed from the convenience of your home, and gifts can be delivered right to your door. These days, who doesn't desire to avoid traffic and the inconvenience of parking? Do not worry if you are concerned about the timeliness of delivery and the presents arriving on time. Since our products are always in stock, once you place an order, it will be prepared for shipping in less than 48 hours. You can be confident that your children's day presents will arrive in plenty of time to make the occasion even more memorable.

Enjoy your shopping!

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