Benefits of building blocks for babies, toddlers and preschoolers!

There are many benefits for parents in having a building block set for their kids to play with when they need some time off from the TV or computer screen. They help children develop motor skills, improve language and social skills, and even increase their IQ.

Building blocks are a great way to introduce kids to the world of STEM. This is because they require creativity and imagination in order to complete the task.


In this article, let’s find out what are benefits of building blocks or block play to children’s development before deciding to investing one (or more)!

Benefits of building blocks to children

  • Gross and fine motor skills as the children use both large and smaller muscles of their bodies when they build something. 
  • Speech and Language: quality family time will support kid’s speech language development by giving your children the opportunities to self-express their ideas, to describe and explain what they build with their blocks.
  • Cognitive development: While engaging in block play, children develop their knowledge, critical thinking, problem solving skills, and dispositions which help them to think and understand the world around them. 
  • Social and emotional Skills: give your children the opportunities to block play with other children so that they can practice turn-taking, problem-solving, negotiation, sharing, self-advocacy, and communication skills. 
  • Early maths skills: shape, colour, pattern recognition, basic counting, informal measurement can be learnt through block play. Playing with building blocks also helps develop children’s spatial awareness. 
  • Endless creativity and imagination: Children love building with blocks because it is fun and creative! Blocks can be used in many different ways to encourage creativity. 

Building blocks are a great way to help your child learn how to interact with the world. Benefits of building blocks could be: developing their motor skills, social skills, and cognitive abilities and so on. Building blocks serve as a great educational toy because they provide children with opportunities to explore, experiment, build, create, and more. That’s why building blocks are ideal for seasonal gifts, birthday gifts for our children.

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