Are wooden educational toys safe for your kids?

Due to consumer demand, plastic toys now make up the majority of the toy market. However, it is a sad fact that plastic toys, especially those that are created cheaply, can break easily, leaving tiny pieces and sharp edges that could harm a child. 

In this aspect, wood provides less risk due to its comparative strength and resilience. The growth of natural, eco-friendly, and organic toys are bringing wooden educational toys back in retail. Wood is a natural commodity and it's totally safe for making toys. But rather than stopping there, let's dive a little more into this subject and examine the qualities that make wooden educational toys safe as well as what to look for when making a purchase.

Why should I buy wooden educational toys?

For kids, wooden educational toys are exceptionally safe in various ways. In this section, you will get to know deeply about that!

Free of toxic materials

Wooden toys are free of toxic materials

Instead of being mass-produced in hazardous plastic factories, wooden toys are typically created from natural materials by trained artisans. Toys made of wood cost more to make, thus their retail costs seem a little higher.

Toxins and chemicals are common in plastic toys. Wooden toys, on the other hand, are a much better choice because they don't have these impurities. Given that babies and toddlers frequently put everything in their mouths, this consideration is crucial in their case. We can say that wooden toys are far safer for kids than other options because they are created naturally without toxins, and many conscientious producers pay attention to the quality of paint used on the toys as well.

Friendly to environment and babies

A stark contrast can be drawn between the production of many mass-produced plastic toys that contain questionable chemicals and primarily offer limited sustainability potential and the production of wooden toys, particularly when they are handcrafted and all materials are responsibly sourced and certified. If no paint is used at all, or if all paint is free of dangerous chemicals, wooden toys are even safer and more environmentally beneficial.

For kids, they frequently feel a strong connection to the natural world through wooden toys.

Durable and long-lasting

Children are notoriously tough with their toys; when they get bored, toys all get beaten, thrown around, or just left out. Toys made of plastic are frequently breakable, while those having audio-visual or computer components could fail or become outdated. Conversely, wooden educational toys can withstand considerable abuse while still being passed down to the following generation. So if you're thinking about spending money on toys that you can pass down from one child to another, wooden toys are always a good choice.

How do I clean wooden baby toys?

How to clean wooden toys?

Toys made of wood can be cleaned and disinfected as necessary. Your child may have split up on or dropped their wooden toy. Do they munch on their teethers the entire time they play because they are teething? No issue; simply wipe it down with a moist cloth. Wooden toy cleaning is fairly easy and doesn't call for any specialized supplies.

Water and soap or vinegar are all that are essential for washing wooden baby toys. You shouldn't immerse them in water because they are wooden as this may cause edema.

A wet cloth with water can do the trick for general cleaning. You can produce a solution of soap or vinegar and water for dirty wooden toys. The liquid can be applied on a rag to clean the toy. In some situations, scrubbing tough dirt may require a soft brush.

Wooden toys are inherently antimicrobial, therefore it's not required to clean them on a daily basis. It really does make your life much simpler, don't you think?

Top 3 wooden educational toys as baby gift ideas

After all that information, you may have determined that your baby should have wooden toys, but you're not sure which ones to get. We've got you covered, so don't worry! Here are a few of our favorite wooden baby toys from Melli’s Kids that you can try as baby gift ideas.

1. Wooden Baby Rattle

Wooden Rattle - Top wooden toy choice for your kids

Wooden Baby Rattle 

A noisy item that draws attention is the rattle. Its major goal is to improve the child's rhythmic and auditory awareness. He discovers his own body as a newborn baby, which he subsequently uses as a toy. This is evidence when we observe him using his hands, feet, and signs to play, besides rolling and crawling.

2. Wooden Spinning Drum

Spinning Drum - Wooden toy baby gift idea

Wooden Spinning Drum

Your infant can improve fine motor skills and coordination by pulling down on the Wooden Spinning Drum toy with one or both hands. Your infant will be delighted with the lovely sight of colors swirling and the reassuring sound of a bell striking inside the drum. The mirror panel will give your small one an insight into light reflection. Your infant will take great pleasure in grasping, spinning, and discovering cause and effect. The rotating drum is the ideal first educational toy.

3. Permanence Box

Choosing Wooden Permanence Box as a baby gift idea

Permanence Box

When infants are between 8 and 12 months of age, a traditional Montessori material called an object permanence box is introduced to them. The child's object permanence is helped by this material, which also improves their hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, focus, and concentration.

For example, your kids  can develop strength and gross motor skills by simply dropping the ball into the box. As they engage in the action repeatedly, they gain mastery, which not only brings them delight and excitement but also confidence in their capacity to do a task in the future.

At first, they will need to make large hand movements to pick up the ball, but later they will practice using their fine motor skills to pick it up with their fingers. Their reflexes will also get better with time, responding more swiftly and precisely. All of which made this box such an amazing wooden education toy!


Wooden toys are healthier for children's growth and physical health since they are nicer to the environment and utilize fewer hazardous chemicals during production than plastic toys. They can be a little more expensive initially acquired, but because of their strength and longevity, they are a wise long-term investment. Overall, we can say that, in many ways, wooden toys are far safer for kids than their plastic counterparts.

Due to the aforementioned reasons, Melli’s Kids have been focusing on distributing wooden educational toys for kids’ development. Our owner, a former teacher, has come up with many ideas to use toys as a teaching method. Feel free to check our guideline out and contact us if you have any questions. Browse our collection of children's toys sale and don't forget to capture every moment, enjoy them, and live life to the fullest!

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