4 fun ideas to play with kids at home

Today, parents are often more interested in finding ideas to play with their children at home. Indoor children's games are useful when it is too hot or rainy outside, or when children are not in school during the summer. Children will have more time indoors to play. This is an excellent opportunity to spend quality time with your children.

Melli’s Kids will provide you with a list of fun indoor games for kids as well as some activities for parent-child bonding. So, take a deep breath, relax, and prepare to transform a stressful day into a pleasant one.

Children's games at home do not always involve video games or playing cards. Here are some entertaining indoor games and activities for children of all ages.

1. Balance and movement game

Dynamic balancing is simpler to implement than you might think. All you need is some colored tape and some time to experiment.

You will need to prepare the following:

  • Patterned tape (multiple colors for extra fun).
  • Possibility of Play.balance and movement game

Playing Instructions:

  • Mop the floor and clean up the space in the room.
  • Make straight or curved lines on the floor with tape.
  • You can use a variety of colors and set your own guidelines for how children should walk on them. If the tape is blue, the child must walk with one hand overhead; if the tape is green, the child must hopscotch.
  • The child must obey the rules and walk only on the ice, not on the ground.
  • If the child goes outside the band, it is against the rules. 
  • The child who walks the entire length of the tape without stepping out onto the open floor wins.

2. Listening Exercise

This game for kids is both entertaining and educational. The game improves children's listening and concentration abilities.

You must prepare:

  • Several items with distinct voices.

How to Join

  • Objects such as vases, cups, remote controls, books, combs, pens, bottles, toys, watches, and other items can be collected. It makes a distinct sound.
  • Allow the child to observe and recall the objects.
  • Remove the items and request that the child turn away or close their eyes.
  • Make a sound with an object you choose. The child receives points if he or she correctly guesses the object that makes the sound.

3. Indoor bowling

Bowling is an enjoyable children's game. If inclement weather prevents you from going bowling, you can create your own indoor bowling alley.

You will require:

  • 10 empty soda or water bottles
  • Tennis or bowling balls made of plastic
  • Area for Playing
  • Tick Bandage
  • Paint that is non-toxic

Playing Instructions:

  • Make a bowling alley out of tape. Consider your child's age and physical abilities when deciding how far the lane should extend.
  • Remove the wrapping paper from soda bottles or cans and paint them before allowing them to dry.
  • Arrange the bottles in the correct order at the path's end.
  • Hit all of the bottles with a tennis ball or a plastic ball (slightly larger than a tennis ball).

4. Overcoming Household Obstacles

This children's game necessitates a large amount of space. On rainy days, if you have a large house with enough space and areas for children, you should try this.


  • Bracelet for the waist
  • A lot of chairs
  • Blanket Fitness ball
  • Other items can be added if desired.Overcoming Household Obstacles

Playing Instructions:

  • Make an obstacle course with specific rules for what to do and how to get around each obstacle.
  • For example, if there is a chair or a table, instruct the children to get under it. If there is a waist loop, the child must use it twice or three times before proceeding to the next obstacle, and so forth.
  • The child only receives points if they have overcome all of the obstacles.
  • To prevent injury, place rugs and safety measures around the play area you've set up for your children.

In conclusion, parents frequently pay attention to fun indoor games for children, which can help children play when the weather is too bad to play outside. Furthermore, if you are traveling or simply want to keep your children away from electronic devices, these games will be beneficial.

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